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Freedom Champions Discuss their Upcoming Bouts

As Freedom 7 draws closer, we talked to the current Freedom Fighter champions who are getting ready to give it their all. Here’s what they had to say about their upcoming title fights. 


Cyrus Washington - 172lb Pro Freedom World Title Defense

Cyrus ‘Black Dynamite’ Washington will be defending his Freedom world title in one of the most anticipated bouts of the evening. 


The challenger is Adrien ‘Kaew’ Rubis, a formidable French opponent with an impressive fight career.


Cyrus has an equally impressive resume, having started his journey young. “I started with martial arts at 5 years old”, he told us. At 41, his career is still going strong. With an eye-watering record of 83 wins with 51 KOs and a string of titles under his belt, there’s no stopping him. For this fight, the American legend says he’s working on putting even more power into his strikes.


“My expectation is to do my honest best, put it all on the line and make my friends, team, supporters and loved ones proud of me,” he says.


Peter Anagnostidis - 102 lb Freedom World Title Fight

‘Speedy Petey’ Anagnostidis of Sitan Gym may be just 13 years old, but he’s already had an impressive fight career, becoming 3-time Freedom national champion, 2-time USMTO champion and WKA champion.


“I’ve always loved Muay Thai ever since I started 8 years ago, and I’ve always wanted to fight”, he told us. Having fought on Freedom several times already, he describes it as “a great promotion” that’s “always stacked with great fighters”. 


He knows his opponent, Eastside Muay Thai’s Landon Cahill, will put up a tough fight. “I expect a lot of clinching from him, but I won’t let him come in”, he said. 


He’s hopeful about his world title shot, telling us he “can’t wait to claim the freedom amateur world title”.


Filipe Machado - 130lb Pro Freedom World Title Fight

Twenty-eight year old Brazilian superstar Filipe Machado Gomes has already stepped into the Freedom ring a few times, having won the 125lb Freedom world title in the process.


Despite this, he didn’t expect to be a fighter when he first found Muay Thai 10 years ago. “I started Muay Thai just to have good conditioning”, he said. “After 3 months, I had my first fight, and never stopped”.


This humble warrior has a bright future ahead. “Each fight gives me more hope”, he told us. “Every fight is a new learning experience and I still have a lot to learn”. When asked how he expects this fight to go, he simply said “whoever trains the most and is the most prepared will win”.  


Either way, this won’t be the last you see of him on Freedom Fighter Promotions. “I want to thank all my family, my friends, my coaches, and everyone who cheers for me”, he said. “I also want to thank Rami for always giving me opportunities to fight in the best event in America”. 


Walid Snoüssi - 130lb Freedom USA Title Defense

Walid ‘The Joker’ Snoüssi, a twenty-six year old Moroccan fighter from Rami Elite, is set to defend his Freedom national title. With a record of 29-5-1, he’s hoping to get his 30th win against Canadian Jeff Simonelli. 


The Joker’s career has been on the rise since he began Muay Thai in 2016. Earlier this year, he earned himself a silver medal in the World Games qualifiers in Birmingham, finishing two fights with spectacular KOs in the process.


He’s confident in his preparation for this bout and guarantees it will be a great show. “I’m training so hard to make sure no one can take my belt. I will do my best, so everyone will remember my name”, he assured us. 


Get Your Tickets


Freedom 7 will take place on September 17th at the Grand Roosevelt Ballroom in Yonkers, New York.


You can buy tickets directly from your favorite fighters, or by calling 551-339-3339.

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