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Freedom 7 Fight Recap

Freedom 7 was a night of non-stop action, with some of the top talent on the US Muay Thai scene putting their skills on display. Some new Freedom champions were made, and others held onto their titles. 


Here’s a round-up of how the fights went.


Co-Main Event: Adrien Rubis (Payak Muay Thai) vs

Cyrus Washington (Heritage Muay Thai)

for the Professional Light Heavyweight Freedom World Title


Adrien “Kaew” Rubis traveled all the way from France to take on “Black Dynamite” in one of the most hotly-anticipated fights of the night.


The two began by feeling each other out in a strategic showdown. Cyrus started strong in the first round, overcoming the height difference by throwing some high kicks. In the second, he landed a dominant sweep. Adrien stalked him around the ring, looking for the clinch and pressuring Cyrus onto the ropes. 


Washington managed to escape the clinch by pushing off, establishing distance and landing some beautiful kicks. Meanwhile, Adrien continued to walk forward with punches before suffocating his opponent with heavy knees. When it came to the final round, the Frenchman took the pressure off, confident that he had the title in the bag. 


It was a great, technical fight, with both fighters displaying their years of experience. The result was a split decision, with Adrien taking the win. 


“No man will take this belt from me,” he said. He promised to return to the states to defend the title at the earliest opportunity. 


Main Event: Amine Ballafrikh (Capital MMA) vs

Brandol Mendoza (Aragon Training Academy)

for the lightweight professional Freedom World Title


While the previous fight started slow and technical, these two fighters wasted no time getting into the action. The pace was set from the first round, and as it came to a close, Brandol threw a spinning elbow. Amine quickly returned one of his own, and there was more of that to come. 


The two fighters exchanged blows for all five rounds, neither one letting up. While Mendoza came forward with heavy hands and low kicks, “The Freak” used the inside leg kick to throw him off-balance and counter. In round three, Amine executed some well-timed sweeps, and chants of his name emanated from the crowd. Still, Brandol came forward relentlessly. 


In the end, it came down to a decision. The judges scored the bout in favour of the Moroccan, and as he was announced the winner, Amine took the opportunity to make the moment even more memorable. “I’m gonna do something big,” he began as he took the mic. With that, he got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend. She said yes, giving him undoubtedly the biggest win of the night.


Undercard Fight Results


Issac Kim (MK Muay Thai) defeated Aidan Wyness (Raktan Muay Thai) by decision


Umar Abdo (Sitan Gym) defeated Nate Good (Legion Muay Thai) by decision 


Dorian Wielgus (MK Muay Thai) defeated Aaron Anane-Agyei (Pharaohs Muay Thai) by decision


Paul Cunningham (Rami Elite) defeated Adrian Elorreaga (Payak Muay Thai) by TKO in round 2


Gianna Vadino (North Star Thai Boxing) defeated Cadence Gummels (Simson Gym) by TKO in round3


Chris Tapia (Weapons 9) defeated Luke Marshall (Jai Singh Muay Thai) by decision


Thomas Mandra (Ajax MMA) defeated Shawn Gorman (8 Limbs Academy) by decision


Quinn Acebedo (Eastside Muay Thai) defeated Elijah Rosario (Rami Elite) by decision to retain the Junior Heavyweight Freedom USA title. 


Ashley Blanco (MK Muay Thai) defeated Athylia Paremski (8 Limbs Academy) by decision to win the Super Flyweight Freedom USA title.


Walid Snoussi (Rami Elite) defeated Jeff Simonelli (Chicago Thai Boxing Academy) by decision to retain the Featherweight Freedom USA title.


Landon Cahilll (Eastside Muay Thai) defeated Peter Anagnostidis (Sitan Gym) by decision to win the Junior Light Flyweight Freedom Junior World title.


Jhalani Battle-Williams (Rami Elite) defeated Serpico Arriaga (Five Points Academy) by decision for the Welterweight Freedom USA title. 


Kevin Rhoades (Rami Elite) defeated Hany Siam (Ajax MMA) by decision


Malcolm Hill (Weapons 9) defeated Filipe Machado (Sitan Gym) by decision for the Professional Super Featherweight Freedom World title.


Freedom 8


Freedom Fighter Promotions will be back with another show next month. This time, in the Royal Kingdom of Jordan. Freedom 8 will take place on Friday October 14, 2022.

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